Monday, 25 March 2013

Its here!!! 24/7 Online shopping with Stampin Up

Well some people have let the cat out of the bag so let me tell you a little earlier. Stampin Up are introducing online shopping from tomorrow!!!
What does this mean??? It means you as a customer can order from my online store at  Just click the shop now button.

This does not get rid of us in anyway - and I am very very happy to put orders in for you all, it is for those customers who want to order something right then and there, it could be in the middle of the night (it does happen) and it can be delivered straight to your door like normal.
Please make sure you put my name down if you go directly through the Stampin Up website so you get the preferred pricing otherwise you will have to pay the prices as shown. All the bonus still apply like hostess rewards  if you shop online as if you were ringing or emailing them through to me still. If you live and any corner of Australia you can order with just one click. Want to know more? Email me at or call me 0411 260 583 and I can take you through it all.

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